Friday, September 13, 2013

To Love Ru is a classic ecchi/harem manga, it is really famous in Japan and even now it has a really strong fanbase. The brand resulted in all sorts of products such as: video games for a variety of consoles, date simulators, plushies, an anime version of the manga, several music albums, and etc.
The story is still continuing on a sequel called "To Love Ru Darkness" and for those of you who want to read about how everything began, here it is.

Ecchi Manga To Love Ru

Name: To Love Ru
Scanlator: Too many to list
Status: Completed
Read Online: Read Online Here

Now this is really good stuff, as most completed series, several groups contributed as the manga progressed. It works a bit as an "ecchi reference" for most authors, even though it's not old or outdated, it focuses mainly on selling points. From an ecchi reader's perspective it's incredibly awesome; although you might get annoyed at how lovestruck the protagonist is and how he never makes any real progress with the girls.



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