Thursday, September 12, 2013

TWGOK is a really interesting harem manga. We have demons, angels, gods, time travelers, galgame concepts, and a lot of different characters (choose your favourite). Some fans claim it's a legendary manga (well, it is if you are a date simulator fan). The manga originally started as a one shot, then later it got serialized with some minor changes in its plot.

Ecchi Manga The World God Only Knows

Name: The World God Only Knows
Scanlator: Red Hawk Scanlations
Status: Ongoing
Current Progress: Chapter 243
Read Online: Read Online Here

Red Hawk doesn't scanlate ecchi/harem manga too often, but they're doing a great job with this manga. For those who are fans of dating simulators, eroges, and gal games. TWGOK is certainly the best manga out there for you.



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