Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kanokon is one of those manga you just can't miss! The art is really good in all aspects, but the story gets a lot of turning points. Somewhere between the middle of the manga it feels like the story is being rushed and you might have a bit of trouble following all of the concepts, but that's a minor downside compared to all the other positive points this manga has to offer. It keeps you interested all the way, and even though there is a bit of fighting here and there it never gets too tense. If you get to read all chapters you'll have a surprise at the end, so give it a good try.
Ecchi Manga Kanokon
Name: Kanokon
Scanlator: Renzokusei Scans
Status: Completed
Total of Chapters: 47
Read Online: Read Online Here

Another manga scanlated by many different groups and completed by Renzokusei Scans. They claim to be a scanlator focused on the dropped/stalled manga. All I have to say about this is that those guys are really good at getting things done.



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