Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy World! is a completed ecchi/harem manga series. I always thought it was hard to comment about it, because the author literally tried almost everything you can think of, as his story was still under development. From angels, demons, reincarnation, super heroes, action, romance, comedy, and a whole lot of elements. It's even hard to remember and list all of them, with that being said, enjoy this awesome completed manga.

Ecchi Manga Happy World!

Name: Happy World!
Scanlator: Pew Pew Scanlations
Status: Completed
Read Online: Read Online Here

Happy World! was my favorite manga for a long time. It was completed by Pew Pew Scanlations, a group that doesn't exist anymore so this manga was never very popular. But, I really hope those who read it will like it as much as I did back then.



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