Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(G) Edition is a really funny ecchi manga series. It's a short completed manga overall; with some touches of romance, comedy, sci-fi, and a whole load more of comedy. I would say the comedy here is world class, because something funny always happens at every 3-5 pages or so. In the manga the protagonist aims to be a mangaka, so there are several manga/otaku terms mentioned in here. If you don't know the meaning of some of them search over the web, they are not so hard to find. Anyway, enjoy this completed manga!

Ecchi Manga (G) Edition

Name: (G) Edition
Scanlator: CXC Scans
Status: Completed
Current Progress: Chapter 16 [End]
Read Online: Read Online Here

CXC Scans completed this manga by january of this year. They have been really active since then, and even now we can count on those guys for some high quality great manga releases.



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